JAGulick Window Co.

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Rough Sawn Lumber
This is where your vision come to light. All projects start at the lumber rack.
Lumber is first planed and then cut to size. Multiple passes are required to get to required thickness.
Profile and Glazing Rebate
Stock is run through our shaper, where the profile and glazing rebate are cut at the same time.
Tenon and Cope
After the profile is cut, the tenoner is next for the rails, this impressive machine cuts the cope and tenon with one pass.
The stiles then get set up on the mortising machine for acceptance of the tenon.
If your piece requires muntins, they are built with the same attention to detail.
Final glue-up
After a test fit, the pieces are glued and clamped for best durability.
Finishing Process
Pieces are finally moved into the finishing space, where glazing and painting are the final steps.
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