JAGulick Window Co.

326 Plymouth Avenue Rear

Buffalo, NY 14213



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The Basics

  • Wood doors were originally crafted to last forever.  We take on that same philosophy

  • The door is build using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, the frames use a dado joint

  • Our species of choice is FSC-certified Eastern White Pine, as it is most traditional and native to our area.  Choices include, but are not limited to, Oak and Mahogany

  • Low-E, argon filled insulated glass units, glazed into door with silicone (can be removed in case of failure) or wood glazing bead

The Details

  • Neoprene bulb weather-stripping is kerfed into the door stop and bottom of the door

  • For new construction, our custom made oak sills are the best for longevity

Our Door