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Trusted and respected by architects, engineers, developers, and residential property owners across Western New York, the J.A. Gulick Window Company has more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing the highest-quality custom wood windows and doors.  John Gulick leads a team of experienced craftspersons renowned for their expertise, satisfying  the most discriminating clients with their unique skill and ability to manufacture wood windows that reflect the design, integrity, beauty, or historic requirements of buildings and homes of various architectural styles.

Sinker Cypress.jpg

Wood Options

We have access to nearly any wood species.  Our stocked option in FSC Certified Select Grade Eastern White Pine (right photo), native to the area and most used.  The photo on the left is "Sinker Cypress", found on river beds, from the 1800's.  As lumber companies from over a century ago would send logs down the river, some would sink, those are now collected.


Glass Options

Glass options are just as available.  While retrofitting an existing window with insulated glass can be difficult, laminated glass is a nice option.  Laminated glass provides some insulating qualities, but also, sound deadening.  Adding a laminated glass storm window only adds more thermal and sound protection.  For our new sash, insulated glass is used, and glazed with special silicone to look like a traditional putty-glazed window.

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