JAGulick Window Co.

326 Plymouth Avenue Rear

Buffalo, NY 14213



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Beautifully hand-crafted wood windows made exclusively for your home.
Nothing is out of the box and you have the versatility and control to create any style of window
Virtually any shape, size, style or species of wood. Muntin patterns, profile or type of glass.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  We can create the window you envision.
We don't stop at windows!  The same options are available for doors.  Into an existing opening or a whole new entrance package. Contact us today for a free consultation.

End the "replacement window" cycle with our traditional

wood window or replacement sash.

Trusted and respected by architects, engineers, developers, and residential property owners across Western New York, the J.A. Gulick Window Company has more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing the highest-quality custom wood windows and doors.  John Gulick leads a team of experienced craftspersons renowned for their expertise, satisfying  the most discriminating clients with their unique skill and ability to manufacture wood windows that reflect the design, integrity, beauty, or historic requirements of buildings and homes of various architectural styles.